Why Urinal Covers?

Why do facilities in Canada are using urinal & other out-of-order restroom fixture covers to enhance hygiene & beautify their public space?
If you ever wondered why sometimes you see ugly garbage bags covering a urinal/toilet/sink or even a fountain, guess no more - they are covering the fixture that is broken or simply not in service.
The cleaning staff or janitorial contractor simply uses the first solutions that come to their mind while they are waiting for the plumbing company to show up and fix the issue.
This has been taking place for decades. Until SaniCover urinal covers showed up and elevated hygiene in public restrooms and helped beautify the space.
Our engineers worked together with customers' operations & technical services managers to come up with a simple & clean solution that not only does the job but also is very innovative.
These urinal & other not-in-service restroom fixture covers are extremely easy to apply and have self-adhesive on one side so no tape or anything else is needed to have them installed.
Shopping malls, office towers, national attractions, and other public facilities with high traffic are using our SaniCover disposable urinal covers and eliminating the waste of garbage bags - it's a win-win for everyone!